The open beta of Ghost Recon Wildlands had gone live. We’ve got five days of gameplay coming up and many more days of videos to post, but before we get into that, here’s the first few minutes of the game:

This gives you the back story about the Santa Blanca Cartel and some of its hierarchy – the bosses we’ll be working our way through in the full game.

We also take a look through some of the character customisation settings as we get our character set up ready to get into the game.

Because character setup, progression and game saves don’t get carried over from the closed or open betas to the full game, we’ll do this again (properly) next time.

If you’re going to get started with the open beta yourself, or even the full game, know that your choice of character makes no difference in the game.

Wear what you like, it doesn’t make you easier or harder to spot by the enemies. But go too ghilli stealth and you won’t be able to see yourself too well.

Just have fun with it!