The Micro T-1 is simply described as:

A red dot scope

It’s found in Malca province, south-west of centre, on the northern shore of a lake in the shadow of a huge rail bridge. A “Parachute Drop” side mission is nearby, under the bridge. The accessory case is inside a small baptistry called Los Críos de la Muerte.

There are only two cartel outside the chapel, and if – like me – you’ve just come from the bridge and done the side mission in a helicopter, then you can just order an assault from the air and take them down easily. Just walk into the chapel, and the accessory case is right there on a side unit.

This is a simple little red dot scope with the usual 1.0x zoom, which just gives you a nice little point to aim at and improves accuracy a bit for your SMGs and ARs (although it fits all gun classes).

Oddly, there are two designs of Micro T-1, the more common one is raised on a tall mount. For some guns like the MP5 and P90, it comes in a shorter version that sits closer to the top rail. That’s not a problem on the P90 but on the MP5 for instance, the front iron sights slightly obscure your view.