The L115A3 is described as:

This rifle fired the longest confirmed sniper kill.

It can be found west of central Monte Puncu province, at an El Yayo Cooperative farm. A “Sicario Leader” side mission is nearby. The weapons case is in a steel shed behind some other steel buildings.

I approached this by helicopter, and the farm is split into two areas. The road approach from the south-west takes you close to the other area (on the left as you drive in) where there’s lots of cartel and the sicario leader side mission. However if you drive in and turn right to the area with the weapons case, there’s no cartel – and there’s space to land a helicopter.

This no-frills rifle maxes out the scale for accuracy, that no scope can add to. However equipping the Digital Scope will slightly reduce the accuracy. You’ll still want something high powered like the TX5i Tactical though (found in Koani) to make the most of its range.

I say “no-frills” because there are very few accessories you can equip on this gun. Other than a scope, it’ll take a long barrel, and an extended magazine and that’s it.

Speaking of the magazine, like all the bolt-action rifles, this has a 5 round standard mag and 10 round extended mag option (in Remanzo), but aside from a lack of customisation options, here’s the downside… You may not need that extended mag because you really only get one shot at a target with this gun. Don’t miss! There’s an almost two second rechamber between shots, during which time your target will have sought cover.