Continuing The Noblest of Men, and a Woman stranger side mission thing we started in Valentine long ago (this is the one where we had to find the legendary gunslingers… that one) we’ve been asked by Jim Boy Calloway to ride up to Annesburg and capture Slim Grant. So that’s what we’re doing.

But on the way – there’s always something on the way – we find a couple of those weird bullet sponge guys who don’t like to die. They’re carrying a corpse in the middle of nowhere and shooting me with a bow. Both are weird. But anyway.

It’s a long ride up the east coast of the map, so it’s worth pausing along the way to pick some flowers and herbs and things. We find a Cigar Orchid for example. We ride through the Van Horn Trading Post and on up to Annesburg which is a mining town and we find the Sheriff who tells us where to find Slim Grant.

He wasn’t hard to find, but we get to conclude this side story with Boy Calloway, got a gold medal and got Calloway’s Revolver. Nice.