After first searching around a house in the woods with literally nothing to be collected, we come across a small camp with a dead guy. Naturally we do the dishonourable thing and loot his corpse, right? We then pause in Strawberry to see what a couple of goof balls are doing at a window and end up peeping on some woman and being chased by the law. Of course.

We high tail it out of there to the trapper to ditch the Legendary Buck from the last episode, then back past Valentine we stop off to lend $100 to the house building man as we couldn’t find him the lumber he needed.

As apparently we have unopened mail and a small bounty from our peeping Tom escapades, it seems prudent to stop at the station in Valentine, pay the bounty and read the letter we’ve received from Charles ChΓ’tenay. He’s doing well and sent some pictures to New York. Maybe the scribble he gave us now has some value. Woo!

After catching the train to Emerald Ranch and turning in some wagons to the fence, we come across Mr Black and Mr White, feeling a bit sick. We patch them up and head on our way, but I feel we’ll be seeing them again.