After speaking to the family building a house just outside of Valentine at the end of the last episode, we jump on Spotty and head west to try and find a lumber yard for them to get what they need to finish. It’s worth a look. He says it’s out west in Big Valley.

While we’re out there looking, we get mauled by a grizzly bear which we manage to fend off and fill full of shotgun lead. You think that gets us a perfect bear pelt? It definitely doesn’t. At least it’s one more for the compendium!

A little further down the road though, we come across a guy tracking something he’s trying to hunt, and whaddya know? It’s a grizzly which we nail before he gets a chance to. Perfect!

But before giving up on this lumber yard we finally spot the Appleseed Timber Co! On the way we come across the weird cult dudes we came across previously that Mary Linton’s brother was into. I think it’s them anyway, but perhaps not. On to the timber company!