Into Saint Denis we ride, and we give some money to a beggar who repays us with a bottle of Ginseng Elixir. Apparently:

Using Ginseng Elixir will increase your Health XP

So if you get it, drink it! And there’s Aged Pirate Rum which will improve your stamina XP, and Valerian Root which improves your Deadeye XP. So why not? We just drink the lot. And yes, it changes your perception of the game. It all gets a bit… wobbly, and we ride a bit wonky on Spotty.

Neyse, then we go and find Charles Châtenay who’s dressed as a woman because he’s a wanted man, persecuted for his art. Allegedly. Essentially he wants to escape on a ship, so we escort him to the dock and meet some of his “friends”, with knives.

Even though we earn a gold medal, we’re still wanted and we’re stuck on the end of the pier at the dock so we have to try and swim for it. But it turns out Arthur can only swim while he has stamina, then when that runs out and his core is depleted, then he loses health. Until he drowns and dies. Then we respawn and have a bounty to pay off.