In the party in the last episode, we met and helped out Algernon Wasp – saved his life – and he gave us his business card. As a “purveyor of the exquisite” (fine goods), maybe we can sell some of the stuff we found recently to him… those gator eggs, orchids and the like.

So it’s off to find him, just north of Saint Denis, but first we stop off at the stables in Saint Denis to get back our Arabian white horse, but… WHAT? It’s not there! That means we need to get one again and make sure we stable it so we can get it back later. Awww!

Anyway, it turns out he doesn’t want what we’ve already got, but he gives us a list of things he’d like us to collect for him. It reads:

  • 5 x Little Egret Plumes
  • 5 x Reddish Egret Plumes
  • 5 x Snowy Egret Plumes
  • 15 x Lady of the Night Orchid

We don’t have any of that! But wait until you see who we meet out in the woods.