Who knew you could literally volunteer to do camp chores and actually receive rewards for it? I take a sack over to Pearson and get my dead eye increased – nice! Even chopped some wood and got +6 dead eye and some honour to go with it too. Taking a hay bale to the horses is also worth +6 dead eye, whaaaaaat? Nayse, then we go to see Hosea and Dutch interjects to get us over to a party in Saint Denis at the mayors house.

This is a bit more of a formal affair than the camp party we recently had, and this is an opportunity to meet as many people as we can before continuing with the mission. We bump into Algernon Wasp who is choking on a nut (we’ll see him again later). While the mayor and his friends are being entertained by the fireworks, Dutch has us sneak into the house, follow a servant undetected, and take a look at the mayors ledger. This is a bit like an Assassin’s Creed mission!