We’re kicking this episode off by finishing up with Andrew Bell and his electric chair experiment. It goes about as well as you might predict, of course, but we conclude it with a gold medal, so… yay!

I then take a look around the pond in south-west Saint Denis, but surprisingly there’s nothing really to be found there which I thought was odd. Then it’s out to do a little exploring.

I find some Alligator Snapping Turtles, and stow a perfect one on Spotty (my temporary horse), and cook another one up. While we’re in the swamp here though, we find a bunch of other interesting things, like a crayfish hole to stick my hand in and find a Red Swamp Crayfish. There’s also a Western Toad, a random dead man with a withered arm to sketch in our notepad, and I accidentally end up discovering a fishing shack near camp that I wanted to check out anyway, so that’s cool.

There are also a few orchids on the trees here (ghost orchids, clamshell orchids), and I find gator eggs in some nests (fine goods which we can sell). There’s also a midland water snake and loads more other things to find. The swamps are rich on flora and fauna!