We start by paying our bounty. Again. Then we head up to Brother Dorkins who we met earlier (nice chap) and stop off at a saloon on the way for some food. But this one doesn’t serve food, only drinks unfortunately. I mean… a beer is great, but Arthur needs food.

But this is a tracking mission as we follow the clues through Saint Denis to find the kid who stole Sister Calderón’s crucifix, with some nice suspenseful music. Then we run into an old acquaintance who reports us to the police for a crime and all-of-a-sudden BAM! We’re wanted dead or alive, and have to evade the po-po at every turn.

At least it keeps things interesting and once we return the crucifix to the Sister we can have a bowl of lobster bisque before getting a room and having a refreshing bath and sleep before the next episode. Did you know you can upgrade to a deluxe bath for an additional 50¢ and have a lady help you out? You can!