Enough side missions, it’s time to get Jack Marston back. But first (of course) I get distracted by a bartender that needs rats removing from his saloon. You know we take care of things, but it’s actually handy for the compendium to pick up another random animal. It also helps boost our dead eye.

Then on our way through Saint Denis we have to briefly help our Charles ChΓ’tenay, the French artist we met earlier in the same saloon we just rid of vermin. It seems this is The Artist’s Way II and we’ll pick that side mission up later in the game when we meet him at the gallery as requested.

For now though, we meet up with Dutch and John Marston in the park opposite Angelo Bronte’s house. He seems like a nice chap, but (of course) he wants us to do something for him. It involves a graveyard, some shooting, and evading A LOT of policemen.

After we get Jack back, we head to camp and it’s party time!