Stopping off at the local bar we kick off a side mission The Artist’s Way, but it’s just a few minutes of introduction to a French artist named Charles. We buy him a drink, he gives us a sketch of a naked lady… the usual. But I can’t make a whole episode out of that, so we go and find someone else to bother.

We come across a scientist dude (Professor Andrew Bell III) looking for some moonshine for his experiment he’s running. Fortunately, he only needs about a hundred gallons, and he’s run into the right person.

So it’s over to Rhodes to find our friendly station clerk Alden and naturally locate a shipment of moonshine to rob and bring back to the Professor. But we’re not done, there’s plenty to this episode and he needs us to head to the police station in Saint Denis and pick up a permit for his new invention.

This leads us into our next episode where we have to find a subject for the experiment.