As we ended the last episode heading into Saint Denis, we move amongst the foggy streets and chase down a eugenics supporter, sell our stuff to the fence in the market, then we head down the streets at night to find out about the whereabouts of Angelo Bronte and end up tussling with a guy who shot at us first, honest!

Good job we’ve got our white Arabian horse because when the po-po come, she can run! But we head to a park and ask around about Bronte and get directed to the Bastille Saloon. We get a few pointers in the bar then head outside to speak to some kids and whatya know – it’s morning!

The long-and-the-short of it is, we end up chasing those unwanted little miracles through the street and find the hole they’re hiding in. At least we get back all our money and belongings! Before we end things, we help out a drunken bum and he tips us about a poker game above the gunsmith store here in Saint Denis. That’s for another day!