Back at camp, I really want to go hunting with Charles but he doesn’t seem to be around. So I guess we’re going out with someone else. But before that happens, Susan makes an Item Request which we’re fortunately able to fulfil immediately because she just wants some herbs which we already have.

I guess that leaves Josiah Trelawny to go on a mission with, so we’re going that today. But it turns out to be kind of fun as he takes us into Rhodes to talk to Alden, the Station Clerk who lets us know that we can speak to him or the Station Clerk Hector at Strawberry to get details of nearby stagecoaches that are coming through the county and are worth holding up!

Today, we’re off out to rob a coach with Trelawny though and benefit from his help. This means distracting people so nobody needs to get shot on this occasion. The great thing is, we get a free lock breaker in this mission, and now we can break locks at any point silently. Very useful!