I like the opening of this video. There was this perfect opportunity to start things off with something interesting, and while running back to camp Arthur happens across a couple of guys trying to open a safe in the middle of nowhere. What’s that? Sure… we can help you out with that. The loud way.  Out with the dynamite!

We also get treated to a glorious view of sunset as we get near camp. Anyway, as we found in the last video, there’s some problem with retaining DLC horses so it seems Horsey Horse is gone now and we have to put up with our shire horse until we get to a stable and whack a saddle on that bad boy.

Off we go to the stable to saddle the horse, because Horsey Horse isn’t there as we now know. But I don’t really want to keep this beast forever, it’s a massive horse. So we’ll be off to find something better in a future video, keep an eye out for that.

But this episode is about that General Store in Strawberry. Now that I’ve worked out you have to aim your gun at a shopkeeper to rob a store and we know there’s a side business going on underneath this store, it’s time for a stick up. Off we ride!

Oh, and we find a cougar.