It’s popping off at the top of this episode when we trip across random Lemoyne Raiders holding someone up on the road. Naturally we intervene and manage to avoid hitting the wagon owner, fortunately. But that’s not the point of this episode; The Fine Joys of Tobacco, where we head over to the Braithwaite’s.

Hold up, first off we’ve already done the dirty work for the Gray’s when we stole the Braithwaite prized horses so now we’re enacting Dutch’s cunning plan to play both sides by visiting Hosea at Braithwaite Manor. This has to be a bad idea, I’m sure.

Anyway, before we see Hosea, we stop off at the saloon in Rhodes for a bite to eat where we shut some more Lemoyne Raiders up in a little bar brawl, and put one of them spectacularly through a window which was fun! We rent a room upstairs and go up and change our outfit as we’ve not done anything with this since the beginning of the game. Black on black on black… looking good!

We find Hosea playing cribbage with Mrs Braithwaite, and leave with Sean to take moonshine over to Caliga Hall and torch the Gray tobacco fields. This mission is a nice little sneaking, avoiding mission, following by some arson and shooting. Loads of action!