Javier left us up north of Valentine at the end of the last episode after robbing that homestead. Seeing as how we have a long ride back, we may as well take something with us for Pearson, so we go finding some game to slap on the back of our horse.

En route back to camp we stray into legendary animal territory, and although that wasn’t the intention of this episode, it seems like something worthwhile to do, so we hunt and kill the legendary big horn ram. But now we need to get it to the trapper to sell before we can take anything else back to camp on our horse.

Now, seeing as we’re near Strawberry, and the General Store is open, it might be worth having another look at the elicit side business that’s going on there, that we didn’t get to properly see in one of the earlier corrupted episodes. We can see the still through the window under the store, but can we work out how to rob the place?