This episode starts off with a little fishing at a rock pool with Javier that we fled to previously. Anyway, Javier shares his crickets with us for bait, but not before we’ve tried our own bait which was never going to work. We’re trying to catch smallmouth bass, and crickets are what’s required apparently. Bingo! Now we’re catching fish.

Javier also shares a tip with us; go fishing at “early morning or evening because that’s when the insects are more likely to be out”. Good to know.

Anyway, we get back to camp and have another Javier side mission thing to do, robbing a homestead from some crooked freaky guys. Highway robbers, kidnappers apparently, but sitting on a load of cash. So we head out to take a look. It’s north of Valentine (don’t worry, we don’t ride in real time) but it’s worth it.