This episode kicks off by heading into Rhodes to run some errands, starting by going to the fence to sell everything. Seems sensible. Then on to the post office to pay off our New Hannover bounty of $120, because we don’t want that hanging over our heads.

Then it’s on to Caliga Hall to see old man Gray and he tells us about the Braithwaite prized thoroughbred horses he claims are worth $5,000 and can be sold at Clemen’s Cove to some horse fences.

With our masks on, we essentially steal all their horses in broad daylight and make out of there guns blazing. We head over to find the twins Clay and Clive Davies at Clemen’s Cove. The game tells us “You can sell horses to Clay and Clive at Clemen’s Cove. They will pay more than a stable for stolen horses, but less for purchased horses.” Good to know!