Back in Rhodes we find Dutch at the sheriff’s office with Sheriff Gray (yes, that Gray) schmoozing the boozy law men and fairly easily persuading them to deputise us in order to help them with their problem.

See, the Braithwaites have been operating illegal stills in the bayou, distilling moonshine. No sooner is one destroyed than another one pops up, so we head into said bayou with Deputy Archibald (Gray?) to destroy one today.

This isn’t out first introduction to the bayou, having been out there ourselves previously in search of Black Belle. After some stealth take downs and a liberal use of dynamite, we make off with the ‘shine and take out a band of angry Lemoyne Raiders on the way. Please excuse the low frame rate and performance issues suffered during this episode – it’s only brief.

On the way back, Dutch challenges us to a race. We can hardly refuse… I mean, literally, there’s no option to refuse so I guess we’re racing. Who do you think wins?