On our ride back to Caliga Hall with the love letter for Beau, we come across some Lemoyne Raiders in the middle of nowhere, as you do. They didn’t live to regret it though, don’t worry. However, I would heed caution when searching the saddlebags of horses. They don’t take too kindly to it, even if you pat them and smile nicely at them.

Anyway, we head to Beau Gray to continue the previous episode and find him at the stable. Some characters are pretty humerous and have some great lines in this game. He says “Progress is a dirty word in these parts… unlike incest. I don’t want to marry my cousin Mathilda I want to marry Penelope!” 😂

It turns out progressive Penelope’s planning a women’s suffrage rally and Beau’s concerned she’ll get herself killed. Of course, it seems best for a rugged man-of-the-world to intervene and protect the ladies from “certain elements”. So that’s what we’re going to do.