The Gray’s estate to the east of Rhodes needs inspecting so we can work out what’s going on with this Romeo and Juliet story between these two families.

On the premise the sheriff wanted us to come to Caliga Hall and help with some trouble, we’ve basically come to find out some more information. We get sent round the back to the wood store to speak to Beau Gray who we apparently ran into at the sheriff’s office earlier.

Fortunately Beau has a mission for us. He wants us to head over to Braithwaite Manor and sneak a love letter and present to the love of his life, Penelope Braithwaite. Apparently “she’s like a woman from the future”. Nevertheless, it gives us an opportunity to ride over the the Braithwaite estate and sneak onto the grounds while it’s night time.

Then it’s a case of sneaking back out without being seen by the guards and getting a letter back to Beau. Of course!