There’s no mission in this episode, it’s just exploratory. Seeing as how our new camp is relatively near the bayou, I thought it’d be nice to go alligator hunting a bit. Or at least see what we can find.

We’re now wanted men in New Hannover with a $60 bounty on our head. Now we’re camped in Lemoyne though, unfortunately we’re also wanted here too, so it seems to make sense to go to the nearest post office in Rhodes which is nearby and get those all paid off. If not, those amounts will probably just increase and it’s going to just be difficult to move around unmolested.

But before we find our way to Rhodes, we stumble across a train robbery in progress and decide to intervene. Anyway, in our exploration in this episode, we come across the location of a fence near Rhodes, which will come in handy later I’m sure. But the main aim of this episode is just to become a bit more familiar with what’s around our new location, so we head north of Rhodes to see what new wildlife we can discover… birds, fish, rodents and the occasional reptile!