Before we do some bounty hunting in this episode and go after Joshua Brown, we’re coming down from Grizzlies from the last episode with our perfect elk pelt. So where do we take it, to Pearson at camp or to a trapper? Hmm…

Anyway, after that decision, we head in that direction and pass Javier Escuella who wants help with Bill. But there’s no time for that! As much as I’d like to do something random, I’ve got a perfect pelt to take places, and humans to hunt down.

Then it’s back to Strawberry for the actual bounty hunting of Joshua Brown, and on the way we come across a man stuck in a hunting trap. The moron got trapped in his own trap! Anyway, rather than put him out of his misery, we helped him out and he kindly rewarded us.

“Joshua Brown the notorious shootist, wanted for unlawful killings” the poster reads. For a reward of $40, which doesn’t sound like much compared to a big train or stagecoach robbery, but it’s more than you get looting bodies and a lot less hassle.

On the hunt, we find more herbs, kill a black bear in a river (and recovering that was fun as it floated away). Anyway, we find Joshua Brown in an abandoned mine shaft and duel him. And he’s a very quick draw! Care to guess how many times I die before we disarm him and hog tie him?

There’s a bit more fun and entertainment returning JB (Joshua Brown, not James Bond) to the jail in Strawberry, but I won’t spoil all the fun.