An American Pastoral Scene, we head north-east of Strawberry to find Micah Bell who has a great idea to rob a bank coach before it reaches Strawberry.

On the way we find a trapper, pay off our $215 bounty in West Elizabeth, we might have found the location of the treasure from the Jack Hill Gang from the previous episode but we don’t have time for that.

Suffice to say we get the robbing done and I remembered to wear the bandana, but then we get robbed – the nerve of people! This does at least provide a huge opportunity for looting and I have to admire the detail of this game where bodies float (and float away with the current) and weapons sink in the river.

Thanks to the bandana we do avoid a bounty on our head and ultimately get a huge $300 pay day. I did a load of shooting (helps increase your health) and picking foliage on the way home. Added plenty to the compendium; the Eastern Wild Turkey, the American Red Squirrel by accident (good Horsey Horse) and found burdock root (a stamina herb).

I hope Pearson appreciates the turkey, duck and buck.