This is an episode where we go exploring to find a couple of strangers we’ve come across previously, because we need to close those things out I feel. The first guy sells us a treasure map for the Jack Hill Gang. We could’ve robbed him and taken it but that wouldn’t be good for our honour. And we can afford it, so he got off lightly.

We head to Flatneck Station for another stranger and find a poker game. This is a perfect chance to complete our Gambling I challenge (win 5 hands of poker), but that wasn’t where our stranger was. Fortunately I remember to speak to the stranger before ending the episode and we officially start Smoking and Other Hobbies when we talk to the cigarette card man. He tells us we can earn big money for complete sets of cigarette cards, and he’s doing his bit by smoking 200 life affirming cigarettes a day, just for the cards. Insane.