We kick this episode off back at camp, talking to John Marston, ready for Pouring Forth Oil 3, but we’ll follow that up in the next episode. This episode – A Fisher of Men – unlocks something new, finally.

But first, there’s a chance to play dominoes at camp against Hosea. There isn’t really time to win enough rounds/hands (whatever) to win a whole game, but just enough time to work out how the game and the scoring work, and come up with a basic strategy. It’s more fun that it looks.

Then we speak to Abigail Roberts and (spoiler alert) take her son Jack fishing. Handy. I’ve been wanting to learn the fishing skill and get access to the rod and bait so we can go after the Legendary fish, which we found in episode 22. Anyway, that’ll come later. Before we head back to camp though, we get accosted by Pinkerton agents Milton and Ross. We’re still alive!