Now I think we’re getting into the game a bit more. We leave the Theater settlement and fight our way through an action packed hotel to the roof to meet up with Agent Kelso, eliminate Saint’s henchmen and battle Saint – the boss – in order to rescue Eleanor Sawyer.

This hotel is trickier than the first bits, and you sure need to use a lot of cover and be mindful to replenish your armour. I’m not certain what the best tactic is for dealing with enemies at a distance yet, other than to be a better shot than them. I did notice the are a number of opportunities to sneak around and get a flank on enemies, which I should explore more in future.

But this Private Beta sure does have bugs. When we get to Saint, I get the feeling that even though we’re supposed to aim for and shoot his ammo belt, I can’t tell where that is, and I don’t think I was doing any damage to him. But I guess we’ll deal with him in the next episode!