In this episode not only do we ride from Saint Denis to camp, we end up going all the way back again – I know! But we’re really out to hunt a legendary animal today, and the nearest one seems to be the legendary coyote.

As much as I want to take the stagecoach that we find (and “liberate”) over to Seamus the stagecoach fence in Emerald Ranch, there simply isn’t time. We’re on the look out for – ooh, a dinosaur bone! – the legendary coyote, and although we came across the general area in a previous video, finding the start of the track isn’t easy. Aside from our first dinosaur bone side mission thing, we also come across a whole bunch of herbs and flowers to pick and eat. Yum!

But you know we find it. It’s then worth taking it to the Trapper, and the nearest one seems to be in Saint Denis, so I guess we’re going back there then.