This episode is a replay due to a corrupt video, but we start with Uncle, and John needs a new barn at Beecher’s Hope, so we head into Blackwater to pick one up from the lumber salesman. But everything costs money and we find ourselves back at the bank being rejected for another line of credit. Fortunately, we bump into Sadie Adler.

As luck would have it, she has some work for us helping her catch abounty for the Del Lobo gang, a one Ramón Cortez, who we head out to capture. Upon returning him to the sheriff in Rhodes, we hang around and then get set upon by his men who managed to free him after we satisfyingly shoot loads of them in the head.

As luck would have it, we manage to catch up Cortez a second time and fetch him back again, after a whole load more shooting which was… underwhelmingly unsatisfying, due to the replay and the tragic selection of guns available. But it’s still definitely an eventual episode!