After a brief tour of the landmarks of Washington DC as we head to the east edge of the beta map, we can kick off this third main mission of the Open Beta at ViewPoint Museum. The mission? Manny Ortega says:

Taking the ViewPoint Museum away from True Sons will make it will make it a lot harder for them to coordinate their troops and spread misinformation.

Unfortunately I miss a perfect opportunity to take out a load of True Sons in one go outside the museum, but we have to get up to the production studio on the top floor but it’s a pretty cool museum-y environment with lots of interactive exhibits and rooms full of screens and informative displays.

The challenging part is disabling the three EMP jammers on the roof at the end. There’s a real time pressure, loads of enemies and after you do destroy them all you have to battle Staff Sergeant Carl Wade. He’s this mission’s heavily armoured enemy, but… he’s going down.