A telegram has arrived from Sadie Adler for JM. John goes to speak to Abigail and finds a letter which reads:

Darling John,

A kind lady in the village helped me write this. She had men problems of her own but that’s a different story.

Listen, I’ve begged you, but it don’t seem to make much difference. I’ve tried everything I know to make you grow up, and you know I love you but loving you means I can’t watch you do this. Time after time we’ve had to run because of your behaviour and your decisions.

We got a son. I got a son. And I love our son enough that I can’t have him around while you’re like this. I had so many dreams, John. I hoped you would change. We all saw what happened to them that didn’t, but you… part of you is hell bent on ending up the same way. And I love you too much to watch that no more.


Left behind is the package, the one we collected for her in Strawberry from the post clerk which was a gift for John, a new shirt. And Tom Dickens can mind his business! But he suggests we keep ourselves busy and return to work.

It’s chore time and we get a cutscene where time moves on and John gets more beardly. After a few months, we go and speak to Mr Geddes about helping us out with moving on financially. He’ll put in a word for us at the bank. Nice man.