John-Jim is still trying to make himself useful on Pronghorn Ranch, but farming isn’t really his fortΓ©. Today though, we’re going to help the ranch owner’s son Duncan with riding a strong horse Jeremiah, while Mr Geddes rides into Strawberry for… well he doesn’t say what for, but we know what for. Right?

After we calm the horse down, we take him out for a quick ride around to tire him out by depleting his stamina, then handing him off to Duncan to trot around and get the two of them used to each other.

But we were supposed to be helping Mrs Geddes birth a foal, so that’s fun. After we end up elbow deep in horse, we manage to pull that foal out by its legs (tip: smash the A button, don’t press it once or hold it, you need to tap-tap-tap it). Then acknowledging her husband’s proclivities she comes onto John before finding out he’s a married ranch hand. Oh boy!