This is my last episode of The Division 2 Private Beta, I’m afraid I ran out of time to play any more of the game, but I’ll be back with more in the Public Beta which is available to play from 1-4 March 2019.

In this final episode, I take on the other main mission at Jefferson Trade Center, but maybe more importantly, I worked out how to respond to agent alerts where you can go to the map and see all the incoming calls from other Division agents in need of assistance. It’s only taken me until the final episode to work these things out!

This story level mission is:

Reactivate the ISAC node beneath the center and rescue the missing Division agent

I feel that having completed this a bit earlier on would’ve made a little more sense, but this game plays a little differently to Wildlands, so I’ve been trying to collect and clear everything in one area before moving on to the next. Probably not necessary.

Neyse, this is a good last (main) mission. There’s more I could’ve done in the Private Beta if I had time, but there we go. I’ll tackle it in the Public Beta!