After not finding the White Arabian horse (well, finding it and losing it in the snow) I decide to head back east to the next mission with Charles, but notice a corpse on the map – worth exploring. It’s a dead couple frozen in the snow, but they give up a panoramic map. I don’t think it’s a treasure map, but it could be something to look out for later, I dunno.

I’ve set a waypoint for Barrow Lagoon because I thought that’s where we previously found Flaco Hernandez (remember him, the famous gunslinger?) but not before making one more la of the lagoon to look for the White Arabian. Not to be found though, sadly.

So we reach Barrow Lagoon which is all frozen over and it doesn’t look familiar, but there’s a hut in the frozen snow and ice. in there is a mention of a “Dreadful Incident”, and just outside we discover a defaced grave. But we can’t leave without checking out the little island in the middle of the lagoon which beckons us with a fallen tree across to it. From there we can see a number of bears eating dead animals on the ice, so we just have to approach of course. What could go wrong there?