Navy Plaza is a Hyenas Control Point in the east of the Open Beta map, and this is a horrible place to take over, especially solo. It’s too open, the cover is all in the wrong orientation and you get attacked from both sides at once.

At least I can fire a flare and call for help from nearby friendlies. In this gameplay that brings some AI assistance from a handful of patrolling folk who at least offer a distraction. Perhaps in proper multiplayer this actually lets some real players know you’d like some assistance in the form of a TD2 style bat signal. I dunno.

As with all control points, you attack, get a heavily armoured enemy to defeat, then you have to defend and you get another heavily armoured enemy. I must say I handled this pretty well this time, with the help of the mounted gun, diving out of the way of grenades and attackers who get around my hail of hot lead and taking everyone out in pretty good order.