Since we took over the Ellipse Fuel Depot in the last episode, we move into the Federal Triangle and move through the streets to take the safe house, which is what I’d always recommend doing first when entering a new area. Liberating a safe house gives you a little… safe place, to meet with other hoomans and reveals stuff on the map which helps a lot when you go somewhere new.

I talk about my experience with The Division 2 Private Beta so far, and whether I will or would buy the full game when it comes out and my reasons. It’s an Ubisoft game and is quite comparable to Wildlands – which I have plenty of experience with – so that’s a good talking point.

Early in this episode I pick up the AK-M assault rifle and try that out as we progress. But before I can get to the safe house I get booted out of the game and rejoin right by it with little challenge in getting in. But now we’re there it’s a good opportunity to clear out my inventory before heading out to collect some SHD tech, then it’ll be on to the main mission in the next episode.