On our way to find Rains Fall up at the Wapiti Indian reservation we come across a burned and crispy tent in the middle of nowhere which looks like an Indian something-or-other. But then on our way down the hill we ride smack bang into someone else and end up beating the man to death. Of course, there’s a witness, and just as I think that threatening someone into silence has worked for once, he gets funny and loses his head. Literally.

But we get up to see Rains Fall and he’s trying to keep things peaceful with the army. On the way to take a look at some disrespected ground, we stop off to find some herbs to make medicine, then see some stunning views before we end up back at the same burned Indian place we happened across. After some investigating we’re lead down the hill to the spot where they’ve taken The Chanupa – a ceremonial pipe.

We get it back, of course, and we try to do it quietly, but that never works out. Does it?