Following on from my confidence in the previous episode, I decide it’s wise to take on not one, but two enemy areas at once today. So first I fight the True Sons for territory control, then take them on literally over the road at the Ellipse Fuel Depot control point. Am I loco?

In the last episode I also swapped out my beloved Mk 17 for a Classic M60 belt-fed machine gun which has a 100 round magazine, so I thought that would be a bit of fun. To start with, I like that you can jump in the back of Humvees, ama neyse I find that if you burst fire the M60, it’s fine. It’s quite hard hitting and it’s fully automatic, but the Mk 17 is a much more controllable weapon. Maybe with a vertical foregrip the M60 would be controllable enough to use on full auto, but I persevere with it as it is for now.

This episode is essentially just me picking fights with the True Sons though, as we then move into the Ellipse Fuel Depot and take that as well. I feel like I’m doing much better by this point, but I guess we’ll see. Göreceğiz!