Collecting more SHD Tech first off, and shooting our way through the streets, the enemies are now level 8 which makes them tougher. But I’ve also levelled up to 8 as well, so it’s all good. But on my travels to collect SHD Tech I trip across the Bureau Headquarters side mission which is actually to collect one of those SHD Tech Caches.

I have to say I’m loving the combination of a hard hitting AR (like the Mk 17 or USC .45 ACP) and a good shotgun, my favourite of which so far by a long way is the ACS-12 full auto shotgun. It’s awesome!

Anyway, the cool thing about the side mission to get SHD Tech is you get +5 instead of +1 but of course you have to work for it. The enemies are always nicely staggered though through buildings with different cover than you get on the streets in the normal scenarios. Good times.