Like Bonnie Tyler we need to turn around and head back to Hamish Sinclair for another side mission with the veteran. It’s raining and miserable weather but Hamish seems pleased to see us as usual. He’s up for a hunt and tells us about a “huge she-wolf” that’s been hunting him. So after a bit of a chat (which we don’t get to hear unfortunately), we head out and track the beast.

I do wonder if this would be the end of ol’ Hamish, but (no spoilers) while we do find what we’re looking for and it’s not exactly what he had in mind we do take some wolf home with us.

It seems worthwhile stopping on the way back to have a little cook up and feed Arthur. It’s also a great opportunity to sleep during the night and kick things off in the morning when it’s lighter and brighter and we can better see what we’re doing. There’s no (official or technological) night vision in this game, unlike Ghost Recon: Wildlands, although you can use eagle eye it’s not very practical all the time. So we head back to camp at first light and do some helping of strangers and exploring on our way and find a letter to Martha from Garfield, but we make it.