Back up in the north-east corner of the map at Willard’s Rest, we find Charlotte again, the widow we taught to hunt and survive. She’s practising her shooting which is frankly terrible, but we show her how to kill some of those wretched bottles that have been plaguing her tree stumps.

She kindly invites us in for some rabbit stew, but Arthur’s feeling a bit peaky and has a little lie down on the kitchen floor. She gets Arthur to bed and heads out hunting, leaving a letter and an opportunity to poke our nose in her cupboards (not a euphemism), but other than the very generous pile of cash she left us, she really doesn’t seem to have anything else of any value.

On the ride back, we come across another dinosaur bone. How unexpected! There’s lots of wildlife around up in this corner of the map, but it’s not worth chasing. We just head down to Annesburg for the next episode.