Hamish Sinclair “the veteran” needs us over at O’Creaghs Run, so that’s where we’re heading. When we get there, it’s fishing time – now I remember – he did offer to take us out fishing when we helped him out originally.

Fortunately, he lives right on the lake and has a boat so we don’t have to go far to row out and try and catch something. He’s got a special lure specifically for catching legendary fish and he has a monster pike in his sights.

Although I don’t often fish, and Arthur’s not a very good fisherman himself, we do learn a couple of interesting fishing tips from this encounter. Firstly, when you’re trying to reel in the fish, push down on the left analogue stick first to pull the rod upwards and reel the fish faster. Secondly, when the fish is thrashing about and you have to move the left analogue stick to the left and right, at the same time, hold the right analogue in any direction to prevent the spool from slipping out and giving the fish more line.

These two tips will reel big fish in more quickly, and with legendary fish, they can take forever otherwise. Good to know!