On our way to find Arthur Londonderry to collect his debt, we pass the veteran’s cabin by O’Creaghs Run and drop in to say “hi”, except he’s not in. So we obviously help ourself to all his stuff and find a cigarette card out back. I mean – we’re friends, right? I’m sure he won’t mind.

We head into Annesburg to find Londonderry, and go to the mine to speak to his foreman. He informs us that Londonderry’s been dead for a while and we’re not likely to reclaim our debt, but his widow might be able to help.

We head out to her shack to see what’s what, and she’s not best pleased with us. Apparently her husband worked himself to death trying to pay off our debt, and Arthur (our Arthur) is growing a conscience it seems. This mission provides a major boost to our honour though, and we head back to camp to confront Strauss. On the way we’re ambushed by the Murfree Brood again at the same place as recently, so… we kill them all. Again.

But this concludes the Money Lending and Other Sins side mission and grants us maximum honour as a result, also earning us the ‘Extreme Personality’ achievement for reaching the maximum or minimum honour level. Woo! Dead Arthur Londonderry was good for something.