Before we continue the next story mission with Micah in Annesburg, there seem to be a number of side missions to tidy up first, right? The first of which is to see Leopold Strauss at camp and see who needs to repay the loan he arranged with them.

So we need to go over and find J. John Weathers, right? Well, except that as we get close a stranger pops up on the map, and if I know anything about stranger missions, it’s that they can disappear frustratingly if you don’t tend to them directly. J. John Weathers will still be there ready for a beating when we’re done. So we veer off and go and find a amputee veteran, Hamish Sinclair, whose horse Buell got spooked and took off with his leg!

You can barely make this stuff up (except that it’s all made up and the crazy stuff that goes on in 1899 is… crazy)! So of course we locate Buell and return him and the spare leg to the grateful veteran, who invites us to drop by for a spot of fishing sometime at his cabin on the edge of O’Creaghs Run. We’ll take him up on that sometime.