While we’re over near Strawberry, it seems worthwhile attempting the challenge to

As we approach Strawberry though, we reach the stables, and I impulse buy a new horse to replace faithful but slow old Spotty, a thoroughbred. And we call him… Rob Beckett. But we’re starting from horse bonding level 1 with him, so I guess we’ll have to see how it goes. When we get into the town, a guy asks us to help him find his dog, which is a brief distraction before we get started.

And we’re off! I’ve plotted a route to take us into Saint Denis on the north-west side near Mayor Lemieux’s residence, because we recently received a letter from him, so it might be fortuitous positioning. But something definitely happens along the way.

When we get to Saint Denis we find a stranger mission with the nice old nun we met previously. Sommink to do, innit?