We start back at camp where we find a letter from Penelope Braithwaite. She’d like us to come and help her an Beau escape away together, so of course we’re only too happy to oblige. On the way we find more Murfree Brood doing some weird stuff in a boat with a couple of corpses. They are weird.

It’s quite a long way from our new camp in Beaver Hollow back down to Braithwaite Manor (what’s left of it) so we kick it into cinematic camera to get most of the way there. Sure enough, the old house is burned to a crisp, along with old Catherine Braithwaite. But we find Penelope out back by the water, and we escort her to Beau at Rhodes station to catch a train.

After buying tickets from Alden, we board the train with them to ensure they get where they’re going safely. Trouble’s never far behind, and Penelope Braithwaite seems to have a lot of angry cousins. Just as well, as we kill enough of them!