We’re kicking off chapter 6. I think there are only six chapters, so maybe we’re getting towards the end here. GΓΆreceğiz. We’ll see. Before we get into it though we gotta trim this unruly beard, amiright? So we head out of our new camp to find Sadie Adler, and do our usual shooting and looting along the way. We find the Gavin guy (looking for his friend Gavin), cook up some food by the campfire and help a lady hog-tied on a horse.

Anyway, we head to Copperhead Landing and row over the river with Sadie to liberate John Marston from Sisika prison on the island. It’s all fun and games and there’s obviously a lot of shooting goes on. We take one of the guards, Millikan and use him as a human shield to get John out, then it’s time to run and gun our way outta there.

Life’s never easy in 1899.