Oh this is a nice start to the episode… we come across a prospector panning for gold and leave him to it. Patience is the game. When he strikes it lucky… BLAM! One to the back of the head and that gold nugget is ours, baby!

That’s closely followed by a very close shave with a cougar which we nail between the eyes in dead eye, and get a perfect cougar pelt. Nice. Obviously though, that and the other pelts we have on the back of Spotty have to go to the trapper before we can do anything else. Anything else in this case is heading back to camp at Lakay and finding Dutch to see what’s next.

After a cinematic ride across the map back to camp, what’s next is… picking up Charles and heading up north to find another new camp. This one’s compromised of course, so we have to progress up to find the Murfree Brood and kick them out of one of their caves. The rest? Well, you can imagine how it goes.